Lara Yuzwa

LXD DesigneR

Lara Yuzwa

About Me

I'm a learning experience designeR

As a learning experience designer, I use design thinking, instructional, informational and UX design principles to develop learning experiences that enhance performance. With more than six years of experience in a variety of industries notably telecommunications, aviation and retail, I enjoy opportunities to develop learning in highly regulated industries.

With a Masters of Arts in eLearning Design & Development, I explore creative boundaries daily to find different ways to create learning experiences that people actually WANT to complete.

Benefits to a Learning Record Store(LRS)

Project Type: Data is key to developing any effective learning experiences tracked using a Learning Record Store(LRS) together with your traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS).

A 360º immersive perspective

Project Type: Putting learners in situations allows them to be part of learning instead of observing. 360º immersions is a great way to pilot this learning solution.

5 Why's in L&D using rapid branching

Project Type: Using a simple tool of rapid branching, the prototype demonstrates why repeatedly asking "why" and digging deeper into a problem, L&D practitioners can identify not just the surface symptoms but the fundamental causes of learning obstacles.

My Skills


Partnership is key to the discovery phase of any learning solution. Consultation teaches me about the target audience, the results desired, and and the story behind the problem statement. A great learning experience starts with great consultancy.

Project Management

Project Management is the glue that holds all the bits and bobs of a learning solution together. Not only does good project management impact the learning solution financially but enables me to meet milestone moments and deliver.


People first

Using collaboration, analysis and testing to ensure design speaks to the needs and experiences of the users.

Iterative testing & analysis

Through testing and refining a learning solution in small iterations I can provide learners an effective, efficient and user-friendly experience.

Invaluable Production

Delivering solutions that learners actually enjoy is what keeps me up at night. Good production that answers the learning needs, saves time and impacts performance.